Law Wing, New Delhi

Law Wing was established in the office of The Resident Commissioner, New Delhi on 25th April, 1977.  Law Wing is vested with the duty of monitoring Supreme Court Cases wherein Government of Kerala is a party.  Law Wing liaisons with the Office of the Advocate General, Government Departments and Standing counsels for prosecuting/defending cases and ensures the timely compliance of the orders of the courts.  Data entry of cases and uploading of orders, judgments etc through online Court Case Monitoring Solution (CCMS), payment of initial expenses for filing SLP and retainer fee of standing counsels are also done from this Law Wing.  Law Wing is also monitoring matters before Delhi High Court, National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions, Debt Recovery Tribunal, Employees Provident Fund Appellate Tribunal, National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, National Human Rights Commission, Central Empowered Committee etc.

The Law Wing consists of the following staff, namely:-

The Law Wing, New Delhi


Law Officer

Joint Secretary, Sri. C.D. Sreenivas


Law Officer (2)

Under Secretary, Sri. Xavier K.K.


Court Officer

Section Officer Smt. Shammuvathy Y.


Ass. Law Officers

Legal Assistants: Sri. Rajkumar, Sri. Renjith
and Sri. Lenoy Peter


Computer Assistant

Sri. Shabulal

Law Officer is the Official head of the Law Wing and is having the overall control and supervision of the Wing.

The cases pertaining to the State in the Supreme Court are identified from the cause list published by the Supreme Court and the details of these cases were discussed with the standing counsels and the details/instructions required were collected from the department concerned and communicated to the standing counsel.  The orders of the court at all stages were communicated to the Advocate General and Government for necessary action, on daily basis.  The Law Wing is in constant touch with the standing counsels and has also attended the Supreme Court in sensitive cases when it comes up for hearing.  In some important cases arrangement were also made for the conference of the Senior Advocate, Government officials and the Standing Counsels. Counter Affidavit/Rejoinder were filed regularly according to the direction of the Hon’ble Court without delay.  In certain cases especially in Public Interest Litigations (PIL) Counter Affidavits/Response of the State are required to be filed on many occasions as and when applications are filed by the petitioners  demanding for certain specific performance in the part of the state.   Law Wing earnestly pursued such cases and managed to get statement of Facts from the concerned Department/Advocate General.

Law Wing is also in receipt of reminders frequently from the Government Departments to report the present stage of pending cases.  With available details or otherwise getting information in this regard from the standing counsels, all such remainders were attended by giving reply to them. 

As a part of Project of Court Cases Monitoring Solution for Law Offices, the details of cases pertaining to the State of Kerala before the Supreme Court are now made available in CCMS(


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