The Kerala Secretariat Law Department Library is a general reference library for all officers of the Law Department. The Library attached to the Law Department is under the immediate control of the Law Secretary, Law Department. The Librarian is responsible for the proper performance of all work connected with the Library. Chapter IX of Kerala Law Department Manual describes the functioning of Law Library.

The Kerala Secretariat Law Department Library - General Rules

  1. General.- The Kerala Secretariat Law Department Library, will be a general Reference Library for all officers of the Law Department.
  2. The Library is attached to the Law Department and is under the immediate control of the Secretary to Government, Law Department.
  3. Librarian - Duties.- (i) There shall be a Librarian who will be responsible for the proper performace of all work connected with the Library.

                   (ii) The Librarian should maintain discipline discipline and have general supervision and control of the Library.

                   (iii) The Librarin should see that all registers are correctly maintained and that books are issued promptly and their returen carefully watched.

                   (iv) The Librarin should particlarly see that the correction slips are promptly and correctly incorporated in the reference books by the Assistnat entrusted with that work and should see to the proper security of the Library.

                   (v) The librarin should inspect the Accession Registers of books and periodicals.

                   (vi) The Librarian should render refernce service also when asked for.

                   (vii) The Librarian should see that the Library is safely locked while leaving the office and will be responsible for the safe custody of the keys of the rooms and bookshelves.

  1. Working Hours of the Library.- Library shall be kept open from 9 a.m to 6 p.m. on all working days.
  2. Arrangement of books.- The books in the Library will be kept acording to the Colon Scheme of classifcation.
  3. The card catalogue.- The catalogue of he entire holdings of the Library will be prepared in the card from consisting of a classifed part and an alphabetical part.
  4. Acquisition of new books.- (i) The catalogues and circulars from publishers and book sellers may be circulated for selection of useful books for acquisition by the Library.

                   (ii) The Secretary will make the final selection of books periodically. The Library will place orders with the approval standing Book - Vendors of Law Publishers for supply of the books. The Librarian will watch the progress of supply of each vendor or publisher and arrange for the performace of th unexecuted portion of the orders with the other selected vendors or publishers.

                   (iii)  The Librarian also will place orders for the periodicals, magazines, etc., required for the Library and will watch their prompt regular supply.

                   (iv) The Librarin sholuld scrutinise and verify each invoice or bill relating to the books and periodicals bought for the library. A certificate in the following form should be inserted.

Certificate for books

          Certified that the books as per this invoice have been received in good condition and entered in the Accession Register Volume vide Nos.......... ............... ..................... .....................................on page............................................................  

  1. Use of the Library by memebrs of he staff.- (i) All officers of the Law Department other than Typists, Stenographers, Attenders and Last Grade Servants will be members of the Library and they are free to use the Library for reference. Books will be issued to the officers on production of identity card issued for the purpose or on a written request made in the requisition form prescribed for the purpose.

                   (ii) Books taken by the members should be returned immediately after use. The membes shall be responsible for any damage done to the books or other property belonging to the Library and shall be required to replace the books or property damaged or to pay the cost thereof.

                   (iii) Before leaving the Library the borrower should see that the books received is in good condition and if damaged should bring the fact to the notice of the Librarian or the Assistant. Otherwide if the book is found to be damaged on return he will be liable to be hled responsible and will be required to replace the book by a fresh copy.

          (iv) In the case of loss of a rare or costly book the compensation fixed by the Secretary to Government, Law Department for the book must be paid.

          (v) Members are not allowed to sub-let the books of the Library.

          (vi) Certain Reference books on special demand may be lent for over night reading.

  1. Circulation Accession list.- The Librarian will prepare a list of new arrivals or books added to the library and will be circulated to all offices of the Law Department.
  2. Clearance Certificate and termination of membership.- Members who cease to hold the positions by virture of which they were eleigible for membership, by retirement, transfer, suspension or due to any other reasons shll lose thier membership and they shall return all books in their possession. They shall be required to produce a clearance certificate from the Librarian before their last pay is disbursed.
  3. Stock taking of books.- There shall be a verification of the stock of books in the Library every yeasrs.
  4. Restrictions in using the Library.-

                   (i) Books should be handled with great care.

                   (ii) In the Library strict silence shall be observed.

                   (iii) No personal belongings like private books, umbrellas, handbags, etc., shall be brought to the Library.

                   (iv) Smoking within the Library is strictly prohibited.

                   (v) No leaf should be removed from gazettes, magazines, periodicals, books etc.

                   (vi) No stranger or unauthorised person will be admitted in to the Library.

  1. Any infringement of these rules will render a member liable to forefeiture of membership or admission to the Library.
  2. in respect of any matter not provided for in these Rules the decision of the Law Secretary shall be final.

Internship Programme of Law Students

          The Internship Programme of Law Department conducted by the Law Library aims to equip students of law to attain knowledge generally about the routine of a government office and specifically the functining of the Government in Law Department. The internship shall be a full-time programme.

Law Department Guidelines for  Internship Programme of Law Students


          The Internship Programme of Law Department aims to equip students of law to attain knowledge generally about the routine of a government office and specifically the functioning of the Government in Law Department. The internship shall be a full-time programme. 

  1. Eligibility:- The Internship shall be open to students of Law from recognised institutions. A maximum number of twenty students (20) in all will only be allowed in one batch.
  2. Duration :- The duration of the Internship Programme will be for 2 to 3 weeks. ie upto 21 days.
  3. Conditions & Student Responsibilities

          (i) The internship programme shall be charted considering the Legislative Assembly  Session and other programmes of the Department.

          (ii) All expenses relating to the internship programme shall be borne by the

interns themselves.

         (iii) The Department shall provide guidance and reference facility for the       internship programme.

          (iv) The Department shall have the right to cancel the Internship  awarded to any Intern, without stating any reason, during the course of the Programme at any point of time.

          (v) The Department shall issue a Certificate to the Interns on successful completion of the Internship Programme.

          (vi) Students shall compulsorily wear college uniforms with ID card during  internship period.

          (vii) Students shall sign attendance register and ensure their presence during office hours.

          (viii) Every intern shall submit record regarding their activities. Internship Certificates shall be issued only to those students who have submitted their report on time.

          (ix) Affix a passport size photo in the register maintained at the office and enter necessary details therein.

          (x) Student shall keep office decorum and maintain strict discipline  within the office and Secretariat premises.

          (xi) Interns shall maintain a daily dairy of the work done by them and the same would be signed by the Librarian at the end of the day itself.

          (xii) Certificate will be issued only after successful completion of the internship and interns shall collect the certificate within three months from the date of completion of their internship. No Certificate shall be issued thereafter.

          (xiii) The Interns shall be polite and courteous with the officers of the department and shall maintain strict discipline while visiting sections of the department. Any misbehaviour shall result in the rejection of internship forthwith.

          (xiv) Strict action will  be taken against those who violate the instructions and will not be allowed to continue the internship and the matter will be intimated to the respective college/institution.

  1. Instructions for doing Internship

          Application in the prescribed format given below shall be submitted to the Law Secretary along with the letter issued from the College/ University/ Department concerned.

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