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The Project of Modernization of Law Department -

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The Project of Modernisation of the Law Department is implemented to introduce information technology in the Law Department with a view to speed up legal advice by building up a data base which can be accessed by the Department. All relevant functionalities of the Law Department including the critical knowledge based functions like legislation, legal opinion; conveyancing, translation etc. have been automated and are operational. Through this Project, a Knowledge Management System, a Document Management System and a File flow Management System namely, Law Information Management System (LIMS) in Law Department have been implemented. Formal inauguration of the Live-Run phase of LIMS was conducted on 26.03.08 and the Hon’ble Chief Minister has declared Law Department as the first fully computerized Government Department in the State.

Under one of the modules of this Project, Full text of Acts and Ordinances from 1950 till date has been made available to the public through the official website of Law Department. Folders containing one lakh pages were also digitized and made available in the official website. So far, the Knowledge Management System in the Law Information Management System has been strengthened by scanning and adding more than twelve lakh pages in the knowledge base. M/s Keltron is the implementing Agency. The software maintenance and support activities of this Project are being carried out every financial year. Training in this regard  to the officials of Law Department is also being provided whenever necessary. All database related operations are being performed satisfactorily during each maintenance period. All servers and storage are put under Annual Maintenance. 

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