Project of Court Cases Monitoring Solution for Law Offices  

(Head of Account 3451-00-090-97)

The Project of Court Cases Monitoring Solution for Law Offices (CCMS) has been implemented to put in place a computerised court cases tracking and monitoring system at fourteen District Government Pleaders’ Offices and Law Office at New Delhi to enable Government to effectively monitor the conduct of court cases in which Government is a party. M/s Keltron is the implementing Agency. Subsequently,the project is extended to the offices of Additional Government Pleaders at the 24 Sub Court Centers in Kerala. One Legal Assistant from Law Department is posted in each office of the District Government Pleaders for updating the status of Government cases in the CCMS. As part of strengthening the monitoring system, HP 10 Tablet with the 32 GB Micro SD Card with net connection is given to the District Law Officers attached to eight District Collectorates and the Law Officer, Law Wing, New Delhi.  In each financial year, CCMS software upgradation and support including training are being effected by the Keltron personnel in the Offices under CCMS. Necessary hardware maintenance is also being carried out. By this system, the information exchange related to court cases has become faster.

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