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The Law Department is a distinct and independent unit within the Government Secretariat. This Department is housed in the Main Block of the Secretariat building, which is at the southern side of the Durbar Hall. The business of the Law Department is transacted by the Law Secretary assisted by other officials of the Department.


To strengthen and maintain the standard and quality of the legal system in the State.


To deliver legal services of highest standards for the effective implementation of the legislative and executive functions of the State in conformity with the provisions of the Constitution of India, effectively, efficiently and expeditiously.


  • To tender legal advice to Government.
  • To examine legislative proposals and to do legislative drafting and to assist the legislature till enactment.
  • To carry out legal scrutiny of subordinate legislations.
  • To carry out legal scrutiny of instruments such as deeds, agreements to be executed for and on behalf of Government.
  • To carry out legal scrutiny of pleadings in  government cases.
  • To monitor the conduct of government cases.
  • To translate the State Acts, Ordinances and Bills to English or Malayalam and also to Tamil and Kannada and scrutiny of translated versions of subordinate legislations.
  • To translate and publish authoritative texts of Constitution of India and Central Acts in Malayalam through the Official Language (Legislative) Commission.
  • To implement State Litigation Policy.
  • To implement Intellectual Property Rights Policy.
  • To publish annual volumes of the Acts and the Ordinances.
  • To prepare and publish Annual List of Enactments in Kerala.
  • To maintain and update folders of Central and State Enactments.
  • To prepare Kerala Code of State enactments and the periodical revision thereof.
  • To maintain consolidated volume of Statutory Rules and Orders.
  • To publish Malayalam journal containing the translation of judgments
  • To maintain and update the website and enable an e-governance platform for the activities of the Department.
  • To develop and maintain a highly motivated, dynamic, professionally excellent, well-trained and committed workforce.
  • to appoint and administer Notaries so as to facilitate notarisation  in the State.
  • to appoint and administer Government Law Officers for the effective conduct of government cases .
  • To effectively administer the Acts/Rules under the purview of this Department, viz.,  the Notaries Act, 1952, the Advocates’ Welfare Fund Act, 1980, the Advocate Clerks’ Welfare Fund Act, 2003, the Kerala Court Fees and Suit Valuation Act,1960, the Kerala Stamp Act,1959,the Administrators General Act,1963,the Official Trustees Act,1913 ,the Kerala Government Law Officers’  Rules,1978, and the Personal Laws.
  • To effectively administer statutory bodies such as Kerala State Human Rights Commission, Kerala State Legal Services Authority, and Official Language (Legislative) Commission as well as the Department itself.
  • To undertake law reforms.





Central Acts/ Executive Orders

Administered/  Dealt with

Services available

Procedure/contact person for procuring services


1. The Notaries Act,   1952


Law (H) Dept Ph.No.0471-2518380

Appointment of Notaries and matters connected therewith. 

Filing of application in the prescribed format before the C ompetent Authority. Model form available in the website of Law



2.The Personal Laws


Law (E) Dept Ph.No.0471-2518619

Appointment of Marriage Registrars under the Cochin Christian Civil Marriage Act, 1095. Secretariat Departments can obtain legal opinion on personal laws as inter-departmental references. 

The Sub Registrars who are Christians are appointed as Marriage Registrar for Thrissur District, Palakkad District (expect the estwhile Malabar area) Ernakulam District (except the erstwhile Travancore area and Malabar area.)

3. The Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987

Law (H) Dept


Administration of Kerala State Legal Services Authority

The needy poor can approach KELSA for free legal aid

Email-This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

4. The Protection of   Human Rights Act,   1993.

Law(H) Dept


Administration of Kerla State Human Rights Commission

Human Rights violation are taken up before KSHRC.

5. The Administrators General Act, 1963

Law (Inspection)Dept



Administration of   Estates


Sri. A.V .James, Advocate
Aramangalath House , Koonammavu.P.O , Ernakulam 

6.The Official Trustees Act, 1913

Law (Inspection) DeptPh.No.0471-2518863



Administration of Trusts.

Sri. A.V .James, Advocate
Aramangalath House , Koonammavu.P.O , Ernakulam

 7.Authoritative Texts (Central Laws) Act, 1973 and G.O.(Ms)No.42/68/Law,dated 14-06- 1968


Law (Admn) Dept Ph.No.0471-2518043


Translating central Acts in to Malayalam

Copies of authoritative Malayalam translation of Central Acts available for sale. Contact: The sales wing of the OL(L)C, Pattoor Pettah P.O Tvpm.Phone:0471-2743131, 274657.




Administered/ Dealt with

Service Available

Procedure/contact person for procuring service


The Kerala Court Fees and Suits Valuation Act, 1960

Law (KLBF) Dept

Under  Section 76 of the Act, Kerala Legal Benefit Fund established.

The Secretary of the Legal Benefit Fund Trustee Committee who is also Law Secretary Govt. of Kerala. Funds are provided to give effective legal services for the people in the State and to provide Social Security measures for the legal profession.


The Kerala Advocates’ Welfare Fund Act,1980

Law (KLBF) Department

Kerala Advocates’ Welfare Fund Constituted

Services to the Advocates in our state.

Contact: The Secretary, Office of the Kerala Advocates’Trustee Committee, Kochi.


The Kerala Advocates Clerks Welfare Fund Act,2003.

Law (KLBF) Department

Kerala Advocates’ Clerks’Welfare Fund Constituted.

Welfare of theAdvocates' Clerks in our State.

Contact: The Secretary, Office of the Kerala Advocates Clerks’ Welfare Fund Committee.T.C. 65/502(1),Oottukuzhi,Thiruvananthapuram.



Administered/ Dealt with

Service Available

Procedure/contact person for procuring service


The Kerala Secretariat Law Department Library General Rules

Law (Library) Dept


Reference of latest and rare law books/ periodicals to the Officers of Law Department.

Law Library is attached to Law Dept.

Contact: The Librarian. Law Department Library. Phone 2518392


KGLO Rules, 1978

Law (Inspection) Dept


Appointment of Govt. Law Officers in the State

Names and address of all Govt. Law officers available in the website


Law Department Manual

Law (Publication) Department


Yearly Publication of Acts & Ordinances

Copies are available in the Law (Publication) Department for reference.


Law Department Manual

Law (Legislation) Department

Translation of State Acts into Malayalam

Law Legislation A-I Sections


Law Department Manual

Law (Tamil Translation) Department

Translation of State Acts into Tamil

The Tamil Translation needs of other Departments of Secretariat are also undertaken Contact:Senior Tamil Translator Phone: 2517327


Law Department Manual

  Law (Kannada Translation) Department

Translation of State Acts into Kannada

The Kannada Translation needs of other Secretariat Departments are also undertaken.

Contact: Senior Kannada Translator Phone:2518793



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