1.Is 'Kerala Code' a separate part of this Website?

No.Kerala Code is an integral part of Law Department's Website.

2. Then why separate identity is given to'Kerala Code'?

Under the caption 'Kerala Code', data base has been created by storing all Kerala Acts and related Rules, so that any viewer can download the content of any Act or Rules in any form according to his necessity and convenience.

3. Are all Kerala Acts and Rules available at present in the 'Kerala Code'?

No The process of including Acts and Rules in the 'Kerala Code' is in progress.The 'Kerala Code' will be complete within a year.

4.Can Print outs of Acts and Rules available in the 'Kerala Code' be taken by a viewer?

No restriction is imposed at present for downloading them and taking print outs.

5.Whether E-Mail facility is provided for giving constructive suggestions by the viewer?

Yes. Viewers are requested to click 'Feed Back' and avail this facility either in the Home Page or from any page in the 'Kerala Code'.

6. What does 'Information' in the Home Page stands for?

Vital information in respect of Notaries and Government Law Officers in the Kerala State and details about the Law Department Library are available from the option 'Information'.

7. Is there any facility to view the latest legislative measures of Kerala Government?

Yes. The option 'Latest in Legislation' provides the solution for this.

8.Is there any short cut to surf the whole Act/Rule/Amendment quickly?

Yes. By using the side menu option a viewer can go anywhere in the Act contents, Rules and Amendments without scrolling the whole text of the Act.

9. What is the importance of the 'Location Map' in surfing the text of any Act?

By using the 'Location Map' option the viewer can visualise all about an Act, viz. its contents, text, Rules and Amendments and there is facility to go anywhere in the Act without going to all options one by one.

10.What is the basis of the 'List of Enactments' available in the 'Kerala Code'?

The List of Enactments is based on the 'List of Enactments' which is an official publication of the Law Department, Government of Kerala. The Lists have been updated upto 01-01-2003 .